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FOX News
Jul 8, 2013 7:00pm EDT
is there is a split among senate democrats. we will see how they work that out. senate majority leader harry reid is trying to get the house republicans to volt on bipartisan reed notes there is nothing wrong with voting on a bills that moderates from both parties can support. >> eventually he will be forced to take up the bill that we have passed here where the country will be left with no immigration reform at all which is a bad, bad outcome. the speaker should dispense with posturing and delay and should do the right thing and he should do it now. >> boehner says he does not intend to take up the senate bill. the house will township its own, shep? >> shepard: mike, congress may break a record this year for being unproductive. last year the record low in the history of the nation since analysts started keeping track anyway back in 1947. this year congress has passed just 15. police in georgia say they have arrested the son of the nfl star lawrence taylor on statutory rape charges. cops in suburban atlanta say lawrence taylor jr. is accused of having sex with two underaged girls. back in 2011 hi
FOX News
Jul 8, 2013 11:00am EDT
on the agenda. what is next for that? >> we expect when senate majority leader harry reid returns he will hammer that issue, emphasizing the importance of the gang of plan the senate passed and impress the -- we got monthly memo from house majority leader eric cantor. in it he writes, the house may begin consideration of the border security measures that have been passed by the homeland security and judiciary committees and begin reviewing other immigration proposals. so, cantor is signaling they may take it up as soon as this month. pieces of immigration reform but not the bigby part sawn plan that was passed through the senate. jenna? >> we'll watch it when they get back to work, mike. thank you so much. >> there is new bloodshed to report in egypt. at least 51 supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi are dead, more than 400 wounded after troops opened fire outside of a military building in cairo. the violence threatens to further split the country as the top muslim cleric is warning of all-out civil war. conor powell streaming live from cairo. he has the latest for us. conor? >> reporter
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2